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Eco-Tech: SK tes Consumer Solutions Contribution To World Earth Month 2024

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Recently, there was an article on BBC News that mentioned the hoards of unwanted and broken tech that we have stacked and stashed inside our homes are growing at a rapid rate. Within the last 4 years, on average we had around 20 unwanted tech items in our homes, but now it’s 30! It was also revealed that around the world, only about 12% of our E-Waste is actually recycled correctly and the rest is just thrown into our rubbish bins where it is then sent off to landfills and burnt which allows harmful toxins to be released into the air.

Referring back to the BBC article, stated that an estimated 880 million units of unused tech items are being held in UK homes right now with about £1 billion in value sitting there unused.


Lots of people are unsure what to do with their old tech once they have bought new. And considering April is World Earth Month with the 22nd specifically being World Earth Day, we wanted to share how we at SK tes Consumer Solutions help contribute positively towards the planet by recycling tech.


How does SK tes Consumer Solutions support World Earth Month?

At SK tes Consumer Solutions, our brand Envirofone is dedicated to refurbishing both damaged and unwanted tech, transforming it into new tech to have a second chance at life at a much lower price. Each refurbished product is carefully tested, checked, and then repaired to ensure it is working like new. So instead of buying a brand new, expensive smartphone which uses up materials, energy (and your money), check out our refurbished options which give old tech a second chance.

Not only this, but you can also check out Envirofone Trade-in, where you can hand in your old tech gadgets in exchange for cash. At Envirofone Trade-in, all tech is accepted… Macbooks, smartphones, tablets, game consoles and more, we even accept damaged tech. So there is no worry about your trade-in being turned away and don’t worry about getting your tech repaired beforehand.


Benefits of buying refurbished:

·       Environmentally friendly

·       Warranty applied.

·       Cheaper

·       Quality assured

·       Quality checked and tested.


Benefits of trading with Envirofone:

·       Accept damaged tech.

·       Accept all tech.

·       Free postage

·       Fast payment


So head to Envirofone Trade-in now and exchange your tech for cash now! To read more from the BBC’s latest article, click here There are also plenty of other ways you can help this World Earth Month if you don’t have any spare technology lying about. Take a look at some of our suggestions below:

·       Purchase a reusable shopping bag.

·       Recycle your materials when possible.

·       Use metal and glass straws instead of buying plastic.

·       Purchase refurbished or second-hand products.

·       Join awareness events.

·       Avoid plastic cutlery.

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