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Join Big Energy Saving Week - Make a difference

Did you know that 50% of all electricity generated on the grid goes to waste? With UK homes being the least energy efficient in Europe?

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The subject of money saving is frequently debated in the UK, yet the concept of employing energy conservation as a remedy is seldom mentioned. That’s why we are here to inform you this Energy Saving Week.

In this blog, we are here to answer the most common questions about energy saving. Producing insightful tips on how you can save energy in your home, making life much simpler… and cheaper! But before we begin, what even is Energy Saving Week?


What is big energy-saving week?

The Big Energy Saving Week, also referred to as Energy Saving Week, is a nationwide week-long initiative aimed at promoting and assisting individuals in conserving energy and lowering fuel expenses.. Its main goal is to empower people to take control of their energy consumption, directing individuals into making informed decisions about their energy usage and to educate the public on how to save energy.


Why is energy conservation awareness important?

Energy Saving Week is extremely important as it highlights the ways that we can save energy and money. This week is also important because it doesn’t only benefit our pockets but also benefits the environment.

Energy Saving is good for the environment because most power sources produce pollution or greenhouse gases when burnt. By conserving energy within our households, such as through the act of merely switching off a light, we can minimize the consumption of energy, resulting in reduced pollution emitted into the atmosphere and water sources.

And with the current cost of living crisis, plus the fact people are trying to save money now it’s a new year and Christmas is over, now is the best time to follow our top energy saving tips.


When is energy saving week?

(Energy Saving Week will last from January 17th 2024 – January 23rd 2024 this year.)



How can you save energy at home?

Wearing a jumper – When it gets chilly, instead of reaching straight to the heating why not consider putting on another layer of clothing? Even just another jumper or an extra layer of socks? This way you aren’t spending any money and if you get too hot… simply remove a layer of clothing and you’re good to go!


Get loft insulations – When it is cold, the last thing you want is heat escaping and collecting in unwanted spaces like the loft, where we rarely visit besides to get the Christmas decorations once a year. And often, because heat rises, these are the areas that end up the warmest. But there’s a simple, and cheap, solution to this. Buy a loft insulation that will stop heat travelling into unwanted spaces, the cost of loft insulations is cheap and it’s even possible to DIY one yourself!


Don’t cover radiators – Though a fast way to dry our washing, covering your radiators with clothing and other materials blocks the heat, so whilst your clothing is drying, your home is staying cold.


Block any draughts – Similar to the loft insulation, block any draughts coming from underneath your doors using old pillowcases, clothing, or other random materials you find around your home. This is completely free and doesn’t require any spending.


Use a Smart Meter – Smart Meters are brilliant tools as you can control your heating from wherever you are in the house. They are great ways for saving money and to stop energy being wasted. When you are out, quickly turn the heating on from your home ensuring you return to a toasty paradise. Or if you’ve gone out and forgot you’ve left your heating on, switch it off from the app. You can also get smart water meters!


Turn off lights – Leaving lights on all day is one of the biggest energy wastes. Make it a habit to turn any light off whenever you leave a room. (The same goes for plugs – this is a safety precaution also not just a way to save energy/money!)


Low water pressure showers head – These specialised shower heads reduce the amount of water pressure you use in your shower, which is great because not only are you lowering your bills but also your carbon footprint, as you are saving money. Low pressure showers are also good for your hair to stop hair damage and hair loss.


Don’t forget! You can also purchase certain products like energy saving electric heaters, energy saving kettle and energy saving fridge freezers, which are meant to help you save money and energy.


Top tips for saving energy in 2024:

·       Regularly monitor how often you leave your lights and tech on.

·       Make notes of how much money you are spending on your energy monthly so you can budget.

·       Re-evaluate what you need to be using around your home. Do you need to leave your phone on charge ALL night?

·       Turn off all standby products like TV’s when not in use.

·       Are your doors and windows fully upgraded to keep all heat in?

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